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Cause-Related Marketing - Jenny Graff
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Jenny Graff:

Cause-Related Marketing - Taschenbuch

2003, ISBN: 3838665112

ID: 12059030177

[EAN: 9783838665115], Neubuch, [PU: Diplom.De Mrz 2003], This item is printed on demand - Print on Demand Titel. Neuware - Diploma Thesis from the year 2002 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 1,0, Anglia Ruskin University (unbekannt), language: English, abstract: Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Cause-related marketing (CRM) has become a widely discussed topic as well as an increasingly important marketing technique. In this paper, the subject is analysed not from the usual perspective of companies, but from the charities point of view, focusing on the example of British cancer charities. The study shows that cause-related marketing has developed in context of a changing business environment and growing customer demand. Its relevance is highlighted with regard to consumer behaviour theories, introducing CRM as an innovative and promising marketing tool. From the fierce competition in today s market-place for charities and the changing attitude of donors, emerges the need for new charity marketing techniques. CRM is already widely used in the marketing of cancer-related organisations, as show various examples outlined in the text. However, the potential is not yet fully exploited and some substantial problems remain, especially in terms of company cooperation and missing empirical data. As a result of the investigation, cancer charities are recommended to extend their CRM activities, to prepare for the arising tasks internally and to communicate their programmes openly to the public. Additionally, extensive future research is suggested to gain more knowledge about the effects of cause-related marketing. This study comprises comprehensive material from secondary sources, such as books, articles and reports, along with extensive Internet research. Complementary, an in-depth interview provides insight into the work of Cancer Research UK. The findings of this paper are of special interest for charities and companies alike, as well as for marketing students and lecturers. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.Introduction5 1.1Scope and Objectives of the Paper5 1.2Structure of the Study6 2.Methodology7 2.1Secondary Research7 2.2Primary Research8 2.3Case Study Approach8 PART I - CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING AS A MARKETING TOOL9 3.Background and Implications of Cause-related Marketing10 3.1The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility10 3.2The History and Development of Cause-related Marketing12 3.3The Definition of Cause-related Marketing13 3.4Different Types of CRM Activities14 3.4.1Product Endorsement14 3.4.2Non-sales Orientated CRM14 3.4.3CRM Advertising and Sponsorship14 3.4.4CRM Community Partnerships14 4.Cause-related Marketing and Consumer Behaviour15 4.1Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs and the Evolution of Branding15 4.2Motivations and Barriers to Charitable Giving16 4.3Charitable Giving and Cognitive Dissonance17 4.4The Relevance of Cause-related Marketing18 5.Conclusion Part I20 PART II - UK CANCER CHARITIES AND CHARITY MARKETING21 6.Cancer Charities in Britain A General Overview22 6.1The Concept of Charity22 6.2Cancer Charities in Context23 6.3Cancer Research UK24 7.Charity Marketing25 7.1Objectives and Issues in Charity Marketing25 7.2The Charity Marketing Mix26 7.2.1An Overview26 7.2.2Promotional Tools27 7.3The Increasing Competition in Charity Marketing28 7.3.1Reasons for Increasing Competition in Charity Marketing28 7.3.2Areas of Competition28 7.4Developments in Charity Marketing30 7.4.1More Sophisticated Marketing30 7.4.2Changes in Marketing and Fundraising Techniques31 8.Conclusion Part II33 PART III - THE APPLICATION OF CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING34 9.Benefits and Problems for Charities35 9.1Benefits35 9.1.1Increase in Charity Funds35 9.1.2Publicity and Awareness35 9.1. 68 pp. Englisch

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Cause-Related Marketing - Jenny Graff
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Jenny Graff:

Cause-Related Marketing - neues Buch

ISBN: 9783838665115

Jenny Graff,Paperback, English-language edition,Pub by diplom.de Books Books ~~ Business & Economics~~ Marketing ~~ General Cause-Related-Marketing~~Jenny-Graff diplom.de

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