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The Front - Patricia Cornwell
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Patricia Cornwell:

The Front - gebrauchtes Buch

ISBN: 9781408700525

Massachusetts State Investigator Win Garano is given one of his most challenging cases yet when he is asked to investigate the death of a young British woman murdered more than forty year… Mehr…

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Gebr. - The Front
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Gebr. - The Front - gebrauchtes Buch

2008, ISBN: 9781408700525

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The Front - Cornwell, Patricia
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Cornwell, Patricia:
The Front - Taschenbuch


ISBN: 1408700522

[EAN: 9781408700525], [PU: Little, Brown], Dispatched, from the UK, within 48 hours of ordering. Though second-hand, the book is still in very good shape. Minimal signs of usage may inclu… Mehr…

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Cornwell, Patricia:
The Front - Taschenbuch

2008, ISBN: 9781408700525

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Cornwell, Patricia:
The Front - Taschenbuch

2008, ISBN: 9781408700525

Little, Brown. Export ed. Paperback. Used; Good. 05/15/2008, Little, Brown

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Details zum Buch
The Front

The audacious new adventure of the At Risk team from America’s #1 bestselling crime writer.

When Patricia Cornwell introduced the quicksilver, cut-to-the-bone style and extraordinary cast of characters of At Risk, the result was electrifying: “At Risk is Cornwell’s finest novel. It works in every way possible— fascinating characters, solid plot, great pacing and expertly crafted prose” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch); “Absolutely the best. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of Win, Monique, Nana and Sykes in the coming years. They are the best characters to emerge from Cornwell’s creative pen since . . . well, Kay Scarpetta” (The Denver Post).

At Risk featured Massachusetts state investigator Win Garano, a shrewd man of mixed-race background and a notinconsiderable chip on his shoulder; District Attorney Monique Lamont, a hard-charging woman with powerful ambitions and a troubling willingness to cut corners; and Garano’s grandmother, who has certain unpredictable talents that you ignore at your peril.

And in The Front, peril is what comes to them all. D.A. Lamont has a special job for Garano. As part of a new public relations campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhoods, she’s sending him to Watertown to “come up with a drama,” and she thinks she knows just the case that will serve. Garano is very skeptical, because he knows that Watertown is also the home base for a loose association of municipal police departments called the FRONT, set up in order that they don’t have to be so dependent on the state—much to Lamont’s anger. He senses a much deeper agenda here—but he has no idea just how deep it goes. In the days that follow, he’ll find that Lamont’s task, and the places it leads him, will resemble a house of mirrors—everywhere he turns, he’s not quite sure if what he’s seeing is true.

“Falsehoods rule,” warns his grandmother. And they can also kill.

This is the mas

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ISBN (ISBN-10): 1408700522
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
Herausgeber: Little, Brown

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